For my candle ceremony my mom and I designed a special candle holder. My friend’s mom made one for her and it was so nice I wanted one like it so her mom helped my mom to make mine. We purchased everything we needed at Michael’s craft store. You need a 36 inch by 18 inch piece of 2 inch thick Styrofoam and additional ½ inch thick sheets to make levels for the candle holders. In addition you need foam core board to make the letters. Start by painting the large piece of foam the color you want we also sprinkled iridescent glitter into the wet paint so everything had a little sparkle. We then painted the thinner sheets of foam. Then I found a font on the computer that I liked for my letters and printed them out. We cut them out of the paper, traced them on to the foam core then cut them out with a sharp utility knife (keep changing blades sharp blades work best). We painted the letters then left everything to dry.

You need a glue gun to put it all together, first glue the letters to the front of the large board. Then cut the thinner sheet into blocks to make varying levels for the seventeen candle holders (16 and one for luck). Glue the blocks to the back side of the sheet and insert the candle holders. You can decorate between your name and the candles any way you like, I choose to do cream tulle with gold polka dots and white daisies.

After I read the dedications for each candle, that person or group would come up to light the candle and take pictures. I chose a specific song to capture the special memory I have of the person lighting the candle. After all the candles were lit everyone sang happy birthday and I blew out the candles. It is not easy to blow out that many candles.